Run in Remembrance


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By clicking "submit registration", I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and their officials, agents, and employees from any claims, damages, and actions of any kind of nature, whether at law or in equity, arising from my participation in this run/walk provided that such liability is not attributed to the sole negligence of the University. I realize that my participation in the Run in Remembrance involves risks of injury including but not limited to tendonitis, strains, sprains, bursitis, fractures, delayed onset of muscle soreness, contusions, abrasions, heart attack and even the possibility of death. Also, I recognize that there are many risks of injury that may arise due to my participation in this activity and that it is not possible to specifically list each and every individual injury risk. By agreeing to this form, I desire, consent, and voluntarily choose to take part in all such activities. I assume all the risks accompanying the nature of the activities and agree that the University or any of its officers, agents, and employees conducting such activities will not be responsible for any damages or injuries to me. I also understand that I should have appropriate healthcare insurance for this activity, or if not, I will not rely upon the university for medical expenses

Having read this consent form and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and their representatives and successors from all claims and liabilities of any kind arising out of my participating in this event.

If I 'added a minor to this registration', I agree that I am the legal guardian of the individual(s) who I have registered for and am able to speak on their behalf.